Charizard Cards in the Pokemon TCG

Quite some time ago in an exchanging game extension delivered far away carried on with a fire breathing Dragon known as Charizard. Presently I realize there has been some discussion over the reality he isn’t really a winged serpent type, however we as a whole realize he presumably ought to be, that to the side lets get to it – in this article we will dig into the historical backdrop of Charizard cards in the Pokemon Trading Card Game taking us right back to 1996 right the way through to the current day. Lets do this!Pokemon – Charizard 3/132 Holo & Reverse Holo Lot – Secret Wonders – NM/LP-LP+

Well before the tallness of Pokemania in the western half of the globe which truly exploded in around 1999 we return to Japan in 1996 with the arrival of the Japanese Base set, this my companions is the place where the story starts. The set delivered on October twentieth of 1996… the base set incorporated a few major name Pokemon previously made conspicuous by the videogames and the anime including Mewtwo, Venusaur, Blastoise, Charizard and Raichu… generally enormous hitters in the Pokemon universe, so what put Charizard aside and made it the most significant?

It very well may be the delightful work of art, it very well may be the fire, and it may be the case that it essentially looks the coolest… anyway I have another hypothesis… of the three starter Pokemon Ash Ketchum could’ve picked in Pokemon Indigo League he said he needed a Charmander, however due to being late it was at that point taken. Later on watchers were charmed by the way that Ash and co saved a withering Charmander who had been left on a stone out in the downpour and this little Charmander would later on turn out to be potentially the most impressive Pokemon that Ash could at any point possess – its my perspective that this gave a touch of nostalgic worth to Charizard in the TCG and put him in front of the other large name cards.

Then, at that point, came the arrival of the English sets, for example, Base set and Base Set 2 in which Charizard was no less fervently pursued than his Japanese partner card. Look at our full rundown of Charizard Cards beneath, with pictures of every one of them!

Charizard cards from the first sets – 1996 to 2002.
Covering Japanese Base Set (in Japan known as 拡張パック which makes an interpretation of in a real sense to development pack) right the way up to the Legendary Collection reproduce set.

Charizard 4/102 from the English Base Set

Charizard 4/130 from Base Set 2

Charizard No. 006 – Japanese Base Set. October twentieth, 1996.

The Japanese variant of the Charizard seems to have the very moves and capacity as that of it’s English partner card. Craftsmanship by Mitsuhiro Arita.

Charizard 4/102 – English Base Set. January ninth, 1999.

Spits fire that it adequately hot to soften stones. Known to accidentally cause backwoods fires. Craftsmanship by Mitsuhiro Arita.

LV. 76 #6. This card was delivered in both a limitless print (imagined) and first Edition print.

Charizard 4/130 – English Base Set 2. Feb 24th, 2000.

Spits fire that it sufficiently hot to liquefy stones. Known to inadvertently cause woods fires.

LV. 76 #6

Charizard 3/110 – Legendary Collection Reprint. May 24th, 2002.

Basically a reproduce of the first Base Set Charizard. Spits fire that is adequately hot to soften stones. Known to unexpectedly cause woodland fires. LV. 76 #6. Craftsmanship by Mitsuhiro Arita.
Charizard 103/100 – Stormfront. November fifth, 2008.

The Diamond and Pearl series got its first Charizard in quite a while definite development: Diamond and Pearl: Stormfront. It’s wings can convey this Pokémon near a height of 4,600 feet. It smothers fire at extremely high temperatures. Fine art by Mitsuhiro Arita.
Charizard 39/165 – Expedition Base Set. September fifteenth, 2002.

The primary Charizard card in the tablet series showed up in 2002 in the Expedition Base set, this time with Hiromichi Sugiyama as it’s artist. It’s a lovely card, however I can’t be the just one destroyed that theres no distinct text at the base as on every past card.

Dull Charizard from Team Rocket, Holo + Non Holo + Shining Charizard
Dull Charizard Rare Holo 4/82, Dark Charizard Non-Holo 21/82 and Shining Charizard 107/105.

Dull Charizard Rare Holo 4/82 – Team Rocket Set. April 24th, 2000.

The Team Rocket set presented the idea of Dark Pokemon, and the greatest and baddest of every one of them; Dark Charizard (in spite of the fact that credit to the sets secret uncommon Dark Raichu for being cool as well). This Holo was given in both a first release and limitless print and the card text peruses “Apparently had, it heaves fire like a fountain of liquid magma, attempting to consume all it sees. LV. 38 #6”. Represented by Ken Sugimori.

Dim Charizard Non-Holo 21/82 – Team Rocket Set. April 24th, 2000.

The non holo rendition of the 4/82 Dark Charizard referenced above, non holo however an incredible card no different either way.
Sparkling Charizard 107/105 – Neo Destiny. February 28th, 2002.
The Neo Destiny sets extreme mystery interesting. “The blazes it inhales are hot to the point that they can liquefy anything. LV. 61 #6” Illus. Hironobu Yoshida. This card was given in both a first Edition and Unlimited print run.

Blaine’s Charizard 2/132 Rare Holo Pokemon Card
Blaine’s Charizard 2/132 Rare Holo – Gym Challenge, October sixteenth, 2000.

Cinnibar Island’s exercise center pioneer Blaine entered the Pokemon TCG conflict with some of his Pokemon in the Gym Challenge set in 2000 including this wonderful Charizard. No distinct/legend text makes me somewhat miserable, yet rather we got a cool picture of Blaine’s face where that text would’ve gone so who can whine right? This card was outlined by Ken Sugimori.

Charizard cards going on through the tablet and EX Series – 2002 to 2007.
Covering the very great Skyridge Charizard and traveling through the EX Series cards up to Power Keepers.

From left to right: Skyridge Charizard 146/144, EX Dragon Charizard 100/97, EX Crystal Guardians Charizard 4/100.

Charizard 146/144 – Skyridge (tablet series). May twelfth, 2003

Truth be told, in spite of its absence of expressive text this must be my cherished Charizard. Precious stone Zard for me basically is genuinely without equal. A debt of gratitude is in order for this mind blowing craftsmanship to Kouki Saitou.

Charizard 100/97 – EX Dragon. November 24th, 2003.

Mitsuhiro Arita returns as the artist for this activity fine art of a taking off Zard slicing during that time sky for the last mystery uncommon in the EX Dragon Set.

Charizard 4/100 – EX Crystal Guardians. August 30th, 2006.

Looking rather anime, Charizard 4/100 shows a Delta animal types Charizard with a somewhat sound fire on it’s tail…. Outlined by Kouki Saitou. I need to envision that Peal of Thunder probably been a pretty OP capacity in its day.

Passed on to right: Charizard 6/108 from EX Power Keepers, Charizard 3/132 from Secret Wonders and Charizard 1/99 from Arceus, the one in the envisioned is a deck restrictive break holo form of the really set card.

Charizard 6/108 fromEX Power Keepers. February first, 2007.

A genuinely standard Charizard non-activity present holo sees the zard gazing at the holographic moon, a decent basic card outlined by the infamous Ken Sugimori.

Charizard Lv.55 3/132 from Diamond and Pearl: Secret Wonders. November first, 2007.

Just Charizard Flexing yet looking great none the less, and the card extraordinary capacity Poké-Body: Fury Blaze was really amazing by its own doing “Assuming your rival has 3 or less Prize cards left, every one of Charizards assaults causes 50 more harm to the dynamic Pokemon (prior to applying shortcoming and opposition).” As incredible as that is, I was only glad to see the concise renewed introduction of the card elucidating text “It is said that CHARIZARD’s fire consumes more smoking assuming it has encountered cruel fights” – I’m not researcher, but rather I’d say the story looks at. Outlined by Daisuke Ito.

Charizard 1/99 from the Platinum: Arceus set. November fourth, 2009.

Charizard was the main card (mathematically) in the Platinum Arceus set, returning in a standard rendition and with a subject deck elite break holo variant according to our pic. The two cards were in a real sense a similar short one being a break holo and one being a standard uncommon. Yet again albeit the zard was tragically deprived of his spellbinding text he got back with one more cool PokéBody capacity this time as Fire Formation “Every one of Charizard’s assaults causes 10 more harm for each Fire Pokemon on your seat to your adversaries dynamic Pokemon (prior to applying shortcoming and opposition)”. Delineated by Kagemaru Himeno.

Passed on to right: Charizard 20/149 from Black and White: Boundaries Crossed, Secret Rare Charizard 136/135 from Plasma Storm and Charizard 19/113 Rare Holo from Legendary Treasures.

Charizard 20/149 Rare Holo, Black and White Boundaries Crossed, November seventh, 2012.

This card shows Charizard drifting in the air, wreathed on fire which I can assume were through his own effort. The cards enlightening text peruses: “It is said that Charizard’s fire consumes more sweltering assuming it has encountered brutal fights.”. Shown by hatachu.

Charizard 136/135, Black and White Plasma Storm, February sixth, 2013.

Conceivably the main version of ‘glossy’ or ‘substitute’ Charizard on a card, positively to my memory…. the graphic text peruses “This incredibly intriguing Pokemon is an unexpected shading in comparison to regular. It is extremely difficult to come by.” and credit for the representation of this glorious and tricky zard goes to Ayoko Yoshida.

Charizard 19/113 Rare Holo from Legendary Treasures.

A forceful looking Charizard takes off and prepares to spit fire operating at a profit and White series’ last set. “Yet again it is said that Charizard’s fire consumes more sultry assuming it has encountered brutal fights” is the reused spellbinding text. Shown by TOKIYA.

Passed on to right: Charizard RC5/RC32 from the Generations Radiant Collection, Charizard 11/108 Rare Holo from Evolutions and Dragon Majesty’s 3/70 Charizard.

Charizard RC5/RC32: Generations Radiant Collection, sixteenth September, 2016.

“Regardless occurs, assuming that we stay together, we can move beyond it. Everlastingly.” Illustrated by Akira Komayama.

Charizard 11/108 Rare Holo: Evolutions, second November, 2016.