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Pokemon Lugia-EX (68/100) Traditional Origins LP HOLO

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Price: 3.95 USD

Pokémon Card:

Pokemon Lugia-EX (68/100) Traditional Origins LP HOLO


Hello & Welcome to Ninety Five’s eBay Retailer!
You are shopping the following card:
Name: Lugia-EX
Arrangement: Traditional Origins
Number: 68
Condition: Gentle Play
Language: English
Variation: Holo
Couple of Notes:

The above picture is a inventory photo for representation, now we ranking a extensive inventory and usually the image may perchance perchance now not think the language or condition. Please recall care to read the above records as effectively as the title to kind certain you understand what you are shopping. Enact now not hesistate to contact us with any questions or concerns. Thanks!


All cards which is susceptible to be priced < $5.00 ranking a single label of $0.49, all further purchases must ranking free transport if ordered on the identical time. Any cards $5.00 and above must ranking free transport. If your bid is above $5.00 and are charged transport attain out to our customer carrier team and you is susceptible to be credited. We are proud to make utilize of sustainable, recyclable card protectors and packaging materials when seemingly to your orders to be determined that your cards attain safely and lower single utilize plastic.

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