The Top 10 Most Valuable Pokémon Cards

Blaine’s Charizard No.006 Japanese Holo Rare Foil Pokemon Card Gym Challenge NM!With the Pokémon Trading Card Game’s notoriety at a record-breaking high, individuals are racing to their old assortments and wanting to observe a couple of fortunes they can sell. You see accounts of cards being flipped for five or even six digits online with disturbing routineness, causing the COVID-19 pandemic’s likeness a dash for unheard of wealth.

Notwithstanding, assuming that you’re an easygoing fan uncovering their old folios, there is a remote possibility you’ll track down any of those legendary smash hits in your assortment. While taking care of your home loan from one card might be everything except inconceivable, you can in any case create a sound gain. Considering that, here are the main ten most important Pokémon cards that you may really claim.

To sort out this, I went through each and every Pokémon set on TCGPlayer’s value data set and noticed each and every card worth with a market worth of more than $100. I then, at that point, eliminated every special card, including competition prizes, restricted versions, and gift vouchers given to the game’s staff. While these can be worth very much, it is far-fetched somebody will make them sit under their bed and basically not have any familiarity with it.

Rare Pokémon cards

Remember that market costs for cards change rapidly, significance cards from ongoing sets like Shining Fates or Vivid Voltage probably won’t hold their worth as well as a Base set card from the ’90s. It’s additionally worth recollecting that TCGPlayer’s costs are a normal; you could sell your own for considerably more or significantly less, contingent upon the nature of the card.

Stormfront’s Charizard


‘Genshin Impact’ Still Refuses To Increase Anniversary Rewards, Despite Fan Outcry
#10 – Stormfront Charizard, $489.46

Plan to see a great deal of Charizard on this rundown. As the series’ most famous Pokémon, it shows up on practically each of the cards here in some structure or another.

Stormfront was delivered in 2008 under the Diamond and Pearl umbrella. While not one of the set’s numerous interesting Lv.X Pokémon, Charizard was as yet an exceptionally desired Secret Rare, putting him as the most important card from the whole set.

Aquapolis’ Lugia (picture kindness of CardMarket) THE POKÉMON COMPANY/WIZARDS OF THE COAST
#9 – Aquapolis Lugia, $490

Aquapolis came from that odd e-Card time of the Pokémon Trading Card game, where cards could be filtered into the tablet fringe for the Gameboy Advance. While the entire thing was an all out disappointment (the tablet was never at any point delivered in Europe, at this point the cards were…), a portion of the cards from that time are still important. Lugia (otherwise called ‘Precious stone Lugia’, because of its Crystal Type capacity) is the most costly card from Aquapolis, coming in at around $490-$500.

FireRed and LeafGreen’s Charizard ex

#8 – FireRed and LeafGreen Charizard ex, $500

The re-visitation of Kanta in the GameBoy Advance period likewise saw the TCG take action accordingly, with a set totally including Pokémon from the first 151. To give it that Advance age energy, various Pokémon additionally got an ex structure, another element that was first presented in EX Ruby and Sapphire. Obviously, the #1 card was Charizard ex.

Charizard VMAX from Shining Fates THE POKÉMON COMPANY
#7 – Shining Fates Charizard VMAX, $510

The most up to date card on this rundown, Shining Fates just sent off last month, and carried with it an entire heap of Shiny Pokémon. While there are a fair couple of cards in the set worth a respectable measure of cash, it is not really unexpected for see Charizard’s full-workmanship Shiny treatment take the best position.

Base Set Charizard

Base Set Charizard. Note the drop-shadow on the right half of the craftsmanship outline. THE POKÉMON COMPANY/WIZARDS OF THE COAST
#6 – Base Set Charizard (Holo), $566.29

Base Set Charizard is presumably the most renowned Pokémon card on the planet right now, thus you might be shocked to see it just be the fifth card on this rundown. The justification for that is the distinction between A Base Set Charizard and a Shadowless Base Set Charizard. Shadowless Base Set cards can be distinguished by the absence of a dropshadow around the workmanship outline, and connote it was in the absolute first print run of the TCG. Ones with shadows, while still exceptionally important, are worth fundamentally less.

Shining Legends

With regards to Pokémon cards, ‘holo’ just means a card with glittery foil finish on the workmanship.

Plasma Storm’s Charizard. As it is a Secret Rare, it doesn’t appear on The Pokémon Company’s … [+] THE POKÉMON COMPANY

#5 – Plasma Storm Charizard

From 2013, Plasma Storm was eighth Black and White extension. In the distant district, a land brimming with selective and novel Pokémon… Charizard is the most significant card. While I truly do scrutinize The Pokémon Company’s obsession with placing Charizard in each set, I truly do truly burrow the craftsmanship on this one.

Base Set Shadowless Blastoise, it doesn’t have the drop-shadow to one side of the workmanship outline.

#4 – Base Set Shadowless Blastoise (Holo), $797.99

Alright, perhaps not all things are a Charizard. This is the principal appearance of a Shadowless Base Set card in this rundown, and it’s the water-type Blastoise rounding up truckloads of money. Similar as Charizard, it’s vital to be sure that what you have is a shadowless holo Blastoise, as one with the drop shadow is essentially less at ‘just’ $150.

To get directly to the point, I feel awful for Venusaur. The grass-type starter Pokémon are consistently my top choice, however it doesn’t make this rundown!

EX Deoxys’ Rayquaza Star. THE POKÉMON COMPANY
#3 – EX Deoxys Rayquaza Star, $961.46

It’s sort of good to see this card on the rundown for me, as EX Deoxys was one of the last sets I purchased prior to going on a Pokémon TCG break. Delivered in 2005, EX Deoxys proceeded with the pattern of ‘Star’ Pokémon, cards which portrayed Shiny Pokémon rather than their standard tinge. While as of late Shiny Pokémon have turned into a touch more normal (particularly in Shining Fates), at the time they were a gigantic arrangement, which is the reason Rayquaza Star is worth nearly $1000.

Mythical serpent Frontiers’ Charizard Star Delta Species. THE POKÉMON COMPANY
#2 – Dragon Frontiers Charizard Star (Delta Species), $1500

Another currently resigned unique sort of Pokémon is the Delta Species. It was entirely of a restrictive story set in the TCG-just Holon district, as researchers utilized Delta radiation to chase down Mew. Delta Species Pokémon are type-moved, giving this Charizard a Dark sort over its standard Fire. What’s more, it’s likewise a Star Pokémon, meaning you have a Shiny Black Charizard on a dark card layout for its Dark sort. It’s nothing unexpected why this one is so well known.

Base Set Shadowless Charizard Holo. This is a first version print, recognizable by the stamp to the … [+] THE POKÉMON COMPANY/WIZARDS OF THE COAST
#1 – Base Set Charizard (Shadowless Holo), $2032

Base Set Charizard (Shadowless Holo)

Obviously, there’s no Pokémon card that is more pursued than a shadowless Base Set Charizard. This is the one that routinely makes the news, for certain sales for it going up into the many thousands for a confirmed perfect duplicate. There are two printed renditions of Shadowless cards – first versions can be recognized by the First Edition image under the base left corner of the craftsmanship, while second releases, while still Shadowless, don’t have a similar imprint.

While first releases can sell for thousands more than second versions, their worth more relies upon the quality and PSA-evaluating of the card. The ones you find in the news are regularly PSA 9 or 10, however most don’t will generally get that grade, meaning most sell for essentially less.

Hey everybody jake here and welcome to the hobby it’s spring 2021 the dust has settled for the pokemon card collecting hobby so i think it is a great time for us to get oriented with what the most expensive pokemon cards are in the hobby because this list is continuously evolving and any one of the cards on this list can be considered a

Holy grail card inside of your collection quick disclaimer this list is not going to be perfect but i think it will give you a great opportunity to see what some of the most expensive pokemon cards you can find out there are going to be we do not know about a lot of different private sales as well as sales that get cancelled after an auction is completed so there are

Some missing information but overall i think this will be a solid list for you guys to see what the most expensive pokemon cards you can find are taking the number 10 spot for the most expensive pokemon card we have the 2005 gold star hollow foil rayquaza in a psa 10. this card was sold on december 23rd 2020 for a whopping 45 thousand dollars the sky


Legendary pokemon was one of the first legendary pokemon that was ever released and it has remained extremely popular over the year rayquaza is a really cool pokemon and a lot of people enjoy rayquaza cards the gold star rayquaza is by far the most tricky one to find you can find ungraded copies or lower than gem meant copies of the gold star rayquaza for under ten thousand dollars very easily but the

Most challenging one is going to be that gem mint psa10 there are very few copies out there and collectors who own this car are gonna be unlikely to ever really sell them because only a die-hard rayquaza collector would really want a card like this and it’s a beautiful card really really incredible card and it’s going to be the peak of the mountain for

Any rayquaza collector at 45 000 this is a card that some people are going to be chasing for the next 10 to 20 years to ever get one inside of their collection in number ninth place on this list we have another iconic pokemon and that is the 1999 base set first edition blast toys in a psa 10. this card was auctioned off at pwcc auction on november 25th 2012

For the price of forty five thousand and one hundred dollars a really iconic pokemon card you would find children worldwide trading this card on school playgrounds everywhere i had a copy of this card when i was a kid it was near and dear to my heart certainly my version was not a first edition if you can find a first edition stamp on your blast choice

Card then you might be looking at a small fortune in the making but most of us do have the unlimited version of this card although i will say any version of this blast toys card is well deserving of a spot inside of your collection in number eight place on this list we have the tamamushi university magikarp in a ps810 this card was sold on october 2020

tamamushi university

For 50 000 that’s right a magikarp card was sold for fifty thousand dollars so why is this car so expensive the university magikarp card was given out to japanese students in 1998 to acquire this card the japanese students had to pass a test on pokemon card knowledge through a quiz and they had to mail in those tests on a postcard there were four tests in total

Each one of increasing difficulties and the top 1 000 students with the best pokemon card knowledge would acquire a university magikarp a very cool card and if you’re thinking well if they were giving out a thousand students then it seems like this card is very available why is it so expensive and there’s two major factors the first is of course time

Time has a major factor when it comes to collectibles because pokemon cars have a tendency to get lost stolen missing and damaged so while a thousand copies of this card was given out in 1998 very few survived to this day and of course these cars were given out to children and i’ll be honest when i was a kid

I did not keep great track of my cards some got lost some got missing some were damaged i just didn’t really care that much to protect the integrity of these cars so very few copies of a university magikarp survive to this day if you can find a copy of this card in a storage box laying somewhere boy talk about a gem to have inside of your collection

Taking the number seven play spot on this list for the most expensive pokemon card we have the 2005 summer battle road new trophy card in a psa 10 this card was sold on october 2020 for the price of 65 000 this card was only given out at regional tournaments across japan in the summer of 2005. the hobby has extrapolated that there are around 160 copies of this Card given out very few survive to this day in fact there’s only 24 copies of a psa 10 battle road mew mew is an extremely popular pokemon to collect and this is the peak of the mountain for mew pokemon card collector and if you are a new pokemon card collector this would be a great car to add to your collection inching above the new trophy cart and Taking the number six play spot on this list we have the 1999 tropical mega battle tropical wind card sold by pwcc auction in october 2020 for 65 000 this card is really special and i think it honestly deserves to be even higher on this list the tropical mega battle was a tournament held in honolulu in 1999 the card features a very relaxed Psyduck lounging on the beach it is a really cool card because this card came from one of the very first international pokemon card tournament that was ever held over 50 people participated in this tournament most of whom were just children and most of whom probably didn’t realize that this trading card game would reach this level of popularity or prestige.PSA 8 NM-MT 2000 POKEMON NEO GENESIS SET PIKACHU CARD 70/111

The card is extremely rare there are only three known psa 10 copies ever graded so this card is by far one of the most rare cards on this list being a very early trophy cards from one of the very first international pokemon car tournament i honestly think it deserves to be even higher on this list in the fifth place spot on this list we have the super secret battle number one

Trainer card in a ps810 sold at heritage auction in july 2020 for 90 000 this is an incredibly rare pokemon card it was called the secret super battle tournament because the location of the tournament was held a secret the pokemon company was certainly having some fun when naming these tournaments the card features a silhouette of mewtwo

In a hollow foil pattern there is the number one trainer card the number two trainer card which is in silver and the number three trainer card features in bronze if you can get yourself the whole entire set in a psa 10 condition then you’re looking at one of the holy grail of the pokemon card collecting there are less than a handful of each of these cards graded in a psa


10 so getting yourself the whole entire set is an achievement that probably only one to three people have ever accomplished so it’s certainly a feat that i think a true pokemon card collector would love to have inside of your collection in the number four play spot on this list we have the 1998 kangaskhan family event trophy card in a psa 10.

This card was auctioned off at pwcc auction in october 2020 for the whopping price of a hundred and fifty thousand dollars i think this card is well deserving of the fourth place spot on this list because of how thematic it is it is very rare for us to find a trophy card that does not feature a legendary pokemon or pikachu the kangaskhan pokemon

Being on this card makes total sense because the event was a family event where a parent-child combo would battle for a chance to win this card kangaskhan is of course the parent-child pokemon making it completely thematic this card is really gorgeous the artwork never made its way over to english making it even more popular this is a

Really cool card there are only 11 psa 10 kangaskhan family event trophy card in existence so yeah so few collectors even had the opportunity to ever own a copy of this card and the price for this card has really appreciated over the last couple of years as more and more collectors have grown to enjoy this card and really see it as one of the most

Rare gems in the hobby making it onto the podium in third place we have a card that you probably know very well and that is the 1999 base at first edition charizard in an sgc 10 gold label with an nba black diamond certification what that pretty much means is that this card is pristine perfect in every single foreseeable way and


Honestly if that is true then it is completely deserving of the price of 360 000 everyone wants a first edition based at charizard this is the pokemon card that everyone knows when you talk about pokemon card this is the pokemon card an incredibly popular pokemon card there are many many copies of first edition charizard